Media Diet: September 2022
Media Diet: September 2022

📚 The Paper Magician - Unnecessary addition to the original trilogy. Doesn’t add much to the universe. Not worth reading. C

📺 Mo - Great companion piece to one of my favourite shows of all time, Ramy. A

📺 Reservation Dogs Season 2 - Managed to keep the magic alive of the first season and elevate it. A

📺 What We Do In The Shadows Season 4 - One of my favourite shows of the last few years but just didn’t love it as much this season. B

📺 Never Have I Ever Season 3 - Somehow this show has gotten better season over season. Made a 10 hour plane ride fly by. A

🎥 Thor: Love and Thunder - Very dissapointed in Taika Waititi. Could have done so much more with Natalie Portman. C

🎥 Nope - I think my expectations of Jordan Peele are just so high now that this felt like a flop in comparison. B

🎥 Elvis - I’ve always found Baz Luhrmann to be pretty hit and miss and this was definitely a miss. Could have been an hour shorter. C

📺 Cobra Kai Season 5 - I am continually amazed how good this show is. It has no right to be this excellent after 5 seasons. A-

📺 Shetland Season 7 - Solid as always. One of my favourite British Crime shows ever made. A

📚 Lessons in Chemistry - Thoroughly enjoyed! A-

🎥 Confess, Fletch - Never seen any of the original films but this was a fun watch on a lazy evening! Jon Hamm is fantastic as always. B+

🎥 Empire of Light - Vancouver Film Festival started at the end of September so I got a chance to watch this pretty early! Had high hopes but was a bit of a muddled mess. Sam Mendes can do better. B-

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