BC Flights - August 2022

Regional flight search engine for British Columbia, Canada.

Launched in August 2022 as part of my year of projects.

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Ski API - February 2022

An API for getting the status of ski lifts at different ski resorts around the world.

Launched in February 2022 as part of my year of projects.

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Top Selling Phones NFT - January 2022

An NFT collection of the top selling phones worldwide.

Launched in January 2022 as my first of a year of projects.

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WeatherEmbed - 2020

A mid pandemic project that offers image based embedding of weather forecasts. Built with NodeJS and running on Google CloudRun.

Current Weather Forecast

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ChatFox - 2020

An early pandemic project launched in mid 2020. Built on Laravel and hosted with Digital Ocean.

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