Media Diet: November 2022
Media Diet: November 2022

I did lots of travelling in November and absolutely devoured the rest of the Alex Verus series. One of my favourite fantasy series I’ve read in a long time!

🎥 Bros - I don’t always love Billy Eichner, but this is a great romcom. Light, fun, and entertaining. (B+)

📺 The Dragon Prince Season 4 - This series has completely lost me. Every season has been slightly worse than the previous. Definitely nowhere near the glory of the original Avatar: The Last Airbender. (C)

📺 Atlanta Season 4 - What a final season. Donald Glover managed to finish off just as strong as he started. Definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. (A+)

📺 Last Week Tonight Season 9 - Can’t believe I’ve been watching this show every week for 8 years now. The one and only “late night” TV show I have consistently watched. (A)

📺 Documentary Now! Season 4 - I’m a sucker for the mockumentary format. Documentary Now! has always been one of the standouts. Not every episode is perfect but the season as a whole is incredible. (A-)

📺 Andor Season 1 - I’ve been bored by all the recent Marvel and Star Wars TV series that Disney has put out the last year or two, but Andor was something different. Great world building, great story line, writing, great acting. Can’t wait for more Star Wars like this. (A)

📺 Avenue 5 Season 2 - Wow has Avenue 5 ever been a disappointment. Great concept, terrible execution. (C)

📺 The Card Counter - Oscar Issac is brilliant, but overall the film was just fine. (B)

🎥 Emily the Criminal - Stressful from start to finish. Aubrey Plaza is brilliant. (A)

🎥 Blockbuster Season 1 - Perfectly serviceable background noise. The best part of it is that it it’s on Netflix. (B-)

🎥 The Fabelmans - Loved the insight into Steven Spielberg. I am a sucker for films that are about the creation of film. (A)

🎥 White Noise - Wow, what a let-down. Love Noah Baumbach and the entire cast, but just not an interesting film. (D)

📚 Alex Verus Series by Benedict Jacka, Books 6 to 12 plus the novellas - Two months later and i’ve read this entire series in its entirety and I loved it. I’m sad it’s all over now, but can’t wait to read whatever Benedict Jacka writes next. (A)

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