Media Diet: August 2022
Media Diet: August 2022

📺 Bunheads - Love anything Amy Sherman-Palladino makes. Was perfect to watch while recovering from COVID. A+

🎥 50/50 - More great COVID recovery TV. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anna Kendrick are fantastic. A+

📺 Cheaters - Great use of a 10 minute TV episode format. Quick and fun to watch. B+

📺 Black Bird - Another great serial killer miniseries. Riveting from start to finish. A

📚 State of Wonder by Ann Patchett - Loved the start but it lost me by the end. Just didn’t find the second half of the book all that compelling. B

📺 Better Call Saul Season 6 - What an ending to an incredible TV Show. I loved Breaking Bad but I love Better Call Saul even more. I’m sad its over. A+

📺 For All Mankind Season 1,2, and 3 - Definitely the reason I watched almost no movies this month… I was busy watching ALL of it! Loved it all the way through but Season 1 was definitely the best. A-

📺 Only Murders in the Building Season 2 - Not as good as the first season but still a fun ride. B

📺 The Resort Season 1 - I love both Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper so I had to watch it. Was a fun ride but definitely lost me in the second half of the season. B-

📺 Loot Season 1 - Maya Rudolph playing a fictional version of MacKenzie Scott is pretty entertaining. B

📺 The Rehearsal Season 1 - Nathan Fielder is a comedic genius and it continues to show here. Go watch Nathan for You if you haven’t seen it yet. A

📚 The Paper Magician Trilogy by Charlie N. Holmberg - After enjoying Spellbreaker and Spellmaker so much last month I gave Holmberg’s other series a try and enjoyed it! Fun light reading. Perfect for travelling. B+

📚 Babel by R.F. Kuang - My favourite book i’ve read in ages. I’m a huge fan of her Poppy War trilogy and continue to love her work here. Can’t recommend it enough! A+

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